A poor Outlook

Submitted by Matt on


As someone having used GSuite for many years at work, I guess I can call myself a GMail power user.  I was dismayed as a decision was taken to move away from GSuite to Office 365 and the Exchange/Outlook combination.  

I've found things that were so simple in GMail to be absolute torture in Outlook - searching from all email from a domain now involves the use of complicated search folders instead of typing "from:example.com" in the search bar; delay-sending email is hidden in hierarchies of menus and now spam is handled by a third party rather than just dropping into the "spam" folder for you to decide what to do with it.  

Overall, I find Outlook a painful and unpleasant experience.  After having been on GMail for so long; Outlook feels to me to be in the dark ages.  Come on Microsoft - get with the times!