On Your Side

Submitted by Matt on

It has been years since Nationwide dropped the Anglia part of their name.  I remember every Saturday popping into the branch in West Bromwich with my Mum so she could withdraw cash.  Ah, those were the days, when you knew the cashier and they knew you.

Anyway, if you previously had a Flex Direct account and closed it, you may now be at the stage that the old account has been closed long enough so that you can open a new one and benefit from the 5% in credit interest rate again; like me.

If this is the case, make sure that you check the interest paid - I recently reopened an account with the Nationwide and found the interest paid somewhat lacking.  Upon investigation, it appeared that I had been put on the 1% interest rate as a mistake had been made, thinking I had received the 5% rate in the last 12 months.  A quick visit to the branch and they agreed that this was an error.  Hopefully the 5% will be reinstated shortly and the underpaid interest added to my account.

Pays to keep an eye out.