Q: What does TSB stand for?

Submitted by Matt on

A: Terribly Sloppy Bank.

And this is my view after just four months!  My gripes are generally about their paperwork and attention to detail.  

Incident 1

The Chip and PIN card that doesn't require a PIN to shop with:


Yep, that's right "You don't need a PIN to pay for shopping, however you'll need one to withdraw money from a cash machine." Only, you need the PIN to use the card at retailers, when you're shopping. Hmmm.  

Incident 2

The mysterious Avios Points:


So, 1 Avios per pound using the Amex card and I've only used the Amex card.  127 x 1 = 127...

But not at TSB:

Avios Points

Yep, at TSB 127 x 1 = 0.

Incident 3

Do they know my name?

Customer Greeting

Nope.  I'm ???customer-greeting??? to them.

Incident 4

They can't tell the difference between a Mastercard and an Amex Card:

Amex and Mastercard

An Amex starts with a 3 and has 15 digits.  A Mastercard starts with a 5 and has 16 digits.  

This all makes them look sloppy and amateurish.  

Perhaps they need their Templates Set Better?