Q: What does TSB stand for?

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A: Terribly Sloppy Bank.

And this is my view after just four months!  My gripes are generally about their paperwork and attention to detail.  

Incident 1

The Chip and PIN card that doesn't require a PIN to shop with:


Yep, that's right "You don't need a PIN to pay for shopping, however you'll need one to withdraw money from a cash machine." Only, you need the PIN to use the card at retailers, when you're shopping. Hmmm.  

Waiting for the Metro...

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As a Brit, I always find that I like to cheer for the underdog, which is why, when Metro Bank decided to open in the UK, I opened an account with them.  They come across as a little quirkier than your average bank; instead of closing branches they seem to be aggressively opening them throughout the South East, branches seem to have no expense spared in their design and execution and the staff seem to always want to have a coffee with you.  This is all very nice, but their underlying raison d'etre is to provide an efficient banking service.