Book Review

Matthew Mitcham - Twists and Turns

Not being interested in sport as a whole (Ice Hockey being the main exception to this rule), I can honestly say that the Olympics, along with the discussions concerning reserved traffic lanes and the obsession with Tom Daly passed me by.  Clearly my ignorance allowed a couple of interesting stories to pass me by, and when I stumbled across the Beijing Olympic Gold Medal Diver, Matthew Mitcham, I was surprised by what he had gone through to get to the Olympics and get to the high level that he is at.  

When reading on, I then found out that at 24 he wrote an autobiography, and with my appetite whetted with the outline of the story, I headed off to my usual online suppliers to grab a copy of this book.  Failing miserably to obtain it through my usual channels (it seems that there hasn't been a print run ouside of Australia/NZ), I ended up having a copy shipped by QBD to the UK.  Slightly peeved at the book being AU$ 29.99 and the postage AU$ 25.00, I sincerely hoped that the book was worth it.